The 2018 Holiday Travel Gift Guide

November 26, 2018 | Jamie Rowley

The travel lover in your life might be one of the most difficult people to shop for because it always seems like the only thing they want is more travel. Which is probably not wrong, but there are still plenty of ways to gift them a little love. This list is just a few of our favorite travel-related items spanning all different budget ranges.

Wine Suitcase

Our new travel obsession! One of the best gifts we’ve ever received. This has the ability to hold 12 bottles of wine and stay under the weight limit. On our latest trip to Italy, this suitcase allowed us to bring home 6 bottles of wine on one side and extra clothes and gifts on the other!

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Scratch Map

Track travels with a fun scratch off map. The scratch off doesn’t always come off super pretty, so if your traveler is particular about staying the lines, then a magnetic globe works great. 

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Travel journals

We’re big on taking notes electronically, except for when we’re traveling. We still prefer taking notes and keeping track of our adventures with good ol’ fashioned pen and paper.

There are so many different types of travel journals, including some that give you prompts on being more adventurous while you travel. 

Travel Towel

This one usually gets us some funny looks because hotels have towels. However, if you’re cruising or at an all-inclusive and you head out on an excursion, We’ve often found that the provided towels don’t quite cut it. A microfiber towel is thin enough to pack, super absorbent and quick to dry.

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Mini Surge Protector

There are never enough outlets in hotel rooms, especially on cruise ships. This small packable surge protector allows you to have a few more outlets available and has space for your USB charger.

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Pashmina Wrap

We love keeping a wrap on hand when traveling abroad especially in warmer months/climates. You never know when you’ll need to have your shoulders covered or when air conditioning might be on full blast. We’ve even used one as a makeshift skirt over shorts when shorts weren’t appropriate.

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Trtl Pillow

We’ll admit it. We laughed when we first saw this. However, it’s legit. This pillow supports your head and neck when in a seated position making it perfect for planes and trains.

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RFID Travel Wallet

With security being at the top of mind, organize your important travel documents and credit cards with RFID blocking technology can help you from being a victim of identity theft.

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Travelon Antitheft Purse

Made with durable anti-slash materials and RFID blocking compartments, these bags are a favorite for travel. They still look normal and come in many different styles. 

Wine Bottle Protector Bags

If you need something smaller than a wine suitcase, try the wine bottle protector bags! Perfect for holding wine, liquor, olive oil or any breakable liquid souvenirs you’re trying to bring home!

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Personalized Beach Hat

Spice up a vacation with a fun beach hat! Our personal favorites are Out of Office and Always on Vacay. Check out the endless fun options!

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Digital Luggage Scale

Know a family member or friend whose luggage is always overweight? This is the perfect gift for them! Gone are the days of opening your suitcase at the check-in counter and frantically shoving items in your carry-on. Now you can know how heavy that suitcase is before you even leave your hotel room!

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Travel Shoe Bags

Nobody wants their dirty, possibly smelly shoes ruining the clothes they so perfectly packed for their trip! These travel shoe bags are the perfect gift for the person who just might need those 8 pairs of shoes for that 3 day trip.

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Travel Compact Umbrella

Nothing is worse than an umbrella taking up space in your suitcase. Put a compact umbrella in someone’s stocking and they’ll have more room in their suitcase to bring home gifts for you!

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Phone Charging Passport Holder

Go from a basic passport holder to a super fancy one that even charges your phone!

Comes in a variety of colors and sayings.

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Push Pin Travel Map

For the world traveler - now they can proudly show off everywhere they’ve been! Different frames to choose from and the option to personalize!

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Walt Disney World Guide 2019

Travel books are a fun way to prepare for your trip!

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Rick Steves Italy 2019

Besides Disney World, Italy is our most popular destination for 2019! Know someone planning a trip or thinking about visiting there? This is the perfect gift for them!

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Journeys of a Lifetime

For the travel lover is looking to be inspired for their next big vacation!

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Travel Cable Organizer

Know someone with a ton of plugs that end up in a ball when they travel (ahem...all of us)? Help stop the madness of blindly digging through your carry-on with one hand under the seat in front of you and make life easier with this cable organizer.

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Plug Adapter

Never worry about how to charge your electronic items around the world when you have this plug adapter!

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Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Because you never know what you will (or won’t) find in hotel bathrooms when it comes to drying your hair...especially in other countries. This hair dryer works in both the US and Europe - perfect for traveling!

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Southwest Gift Card

While it may seem like the least thoughtful gift, it’s actually the most thoughtful gift. Help a friend or family member fund their next vacay!

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Know someone who is planning a milestone trip or honeymoon? Book them an excursion and help them make their trip even more memorable!

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As we like to say - Go big or go home! Give your family or friends a trip of a lifetime.

We are here to help you plan the best trip ever for them. Contact us today!

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